BIO'SAT vet market research

General terms and conditions

1. Purpose

BIO’SAT carries out, on behalf of its clients, online surveys using panelists who have voluntarily registered on its Internet site:

This document specifies the general terms and conditions of use of these services by members of the BIO’SAT panel, i.e. holders of an account on the Internet site:

2. Quality

The panel is open exclusively to veterinarians:

  • who have an e-mail address;
  • who have accepted the general terms and conditions.

3. Registration/account holders

A person becomes a panelist once:

  • they have entirely completed the BIO’SAT Panel registration form;
  • they have accepted these general terms and conditions for the BIO’SAT Panel;
  • they have answered the registration confirmation e-mail sent by BIO’SAT.

BIO’SAT Panel reserves the right to accept or refuse the registration of any person for its panel without obligation to justify its decision.

4. Login and password

The holder of an account is identified by a login and password approved by BIO’SAT. The password enabling the member to log in and connect to the services is personal and confidential. The member is solely responsible for the use of their password. Any substitution of the login and password of another member is strictly forbidden.

5. Panelist duties

On the whole, the panelist promises to actively and regularly participate in the surveys offered, although there is no obligation for them to participate.

  • The member is to honestly and spontaneously answer the questions asked, based on their professional experience and concerns.
  • They promise to maintain secrecy regarding all content of the questionnaires, namely the nature of the products and concepts mentioned in the surveys.
  • The panelist promises to update their personal information when necessary.
  • The member may not transfer part or all of their rights and obligations to a third party.
  • The contract is personal and unique, and each member has a single login.
  • Requests to participate in surveys will be made mainly via e-mail.
  • Nonetheless, you may be offered the chance to take part in telephone surveys, group meetings, product tests and more.

6. Failure to respect the charter – Liability

In the event the member breaches their promises or breaks any professional ethics rules, BIO’SAT reserves the right to immediately and without any formality deny access to the member’s account. Their points will be immediately cancelled.
BIO’SAT has implemented IT tools enabling it to:

  • detect inconsistent answers;
  • check panelists’ response time;
  • detect panelists with more than one account.

7. Duration of contract

This contract takes effect when this charter is accepted by the member, subject to BIO’SAT’s confirmation of the opening of the member’s account, and is valid for an unspecified period of time. Either of the parties may terminate the contract for any reason and without notice.

8. Compensation of panelists

Once registered, the Internet users who have become panelists are compensated for taking part in the online surveys sent to them at their e-mail address.

Prior to each survey, the member is informed of the nature of the survey, the compensation and the means of payment.

9. Constitution of a BIO’SAT Panel Member File by BIO'SAT

BIO’SAT builds a file containing information on all of its members. This information is collected in order to enable BIO’SAT to manage the accounts and process the information in order to create statistics. BIO’SAT promises to use all appropriate technical and organizational means to protect data that is personal in nature.

10. Protection of personal data – Modification

Every panelist has the right to oppose (art. 26 of the Act), access (art. 34 to 38 of the Act) and rectify (art. 36 of the Act) data that personally concern them. Thus, a panelist may, in their personal space, rectify, complete, clarify, update or delete any information concerning them that is inexact, incomplete, unclear, outdated, or whose collection, use, communication or storage are forbidden. Every panelist may exercise this right at any time using the procedure described in the “My Account” area and in the FAQ. Once the account has been closed, the data concerning the member is to be archived confidentially for a period of two years, in case it is required as evidence.

11. Availability of the services

BIO’SAT will make every effort to ensure that the panel Internet site is up and running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, but is not obligated in any way to succeed in doing so. BIO’SAT may thus suspend access to the site, namely for maintenance and upgrade purposes, or for any other reason, namely technical. BIO’SAT is in no way liable for these suspensions to the services and to the consequences that may result for a panelist or any third party. BIO’SAT provides neither personalized assistance nor any “hotline”. The panelist may refer to the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). BIO’SAT reminds all parties that it reserves the right to terminate the services or modify their characteristics at any time without notice. BIO’SAT is in no way liable for damages caused to panelists or to any third party resulting from the services offered by BIO’SAT, namely due to the gratuitous character of the services provided at

12. Availability/security – Internet network

The panelist declares and guarantees that they are perfectly familiar with the characteristics and constraints of Internet, namely that the transmission of data and information on Internet is only relatively reliable, as it travels over heterogeneous networks with diverse technical characteristics and capacities, which may disturb access or make it impossible at certain times.

13. Citations – Promotion – Advertising

BIO’SAT may cite (anonymously) information that the panelist has explicitly declared to be usable, for purposes of presentation, promotion, advertising and/or marketing relative to its activities and/or its services. The panelist hereby grants BIO’SAT all authorizations necessary for this purpose.

14. Miscellaneous

The parties hereto agree that BIO’SAT may, as of right, modify its services and/or the terms of this charter, namely given any technical changes to the service. BIO’SAT promises to inform panelists of any changes to the charter. Changes are presented on the Internet site and the panelist is responsible for visiting the site and staying informed of such changes.

Any dispute that cannot be settled via reconciliation proceedings will be submitted to the competent court of law.

15. Company details


14 chemin du Professeur-Deperet


RCS Lyon B 393 919 840