BIO'SAT vet market research

Be a panelist,
how it works?

Your participation

We will suggest that you participate regularly in our studies.


Concretely, at the start of each new study launched, an e-mail will be sent to you. This email will include a link to log in to our questionnaire.


You are free to choose which surveys you want to answer. You can complete them in several times between your appointments. For each completed questionnaire, you will be awarded a bonus depending on the length of the questionnaire.


When you participate in a survey, your anonymity is always preserved.

Be a panelist - Veterinary

What are my obligations?

By becoming a member of our panel, you agree to keep the content of the questionnaires strictly confidential and to respond within a reasonable time.

How am I compensated?

You choose your own method of remuneration, once a year:

  • vouchers;
  • remuneration in the form of fees;
  • donations to organizations.

Who can become a BIO'SAT panelist?

This panel is open to veterinarians specializing in small animals, mixed animals, large animals, horses or industrialists.
The conditions to be part of our panel:

  • be a salaried or self-employed veterinarian for 3 years or more;
  • not to work in the public sector;
  • not be an employee of a pharmaceutical laboratory or not have a relative in this case;
  • not be an industry consultant;
  • have a valid email address.

How does the registration go?

When registering for our panel, you will be asked for information about your activity. This information will allow you to be identified according to your activity, to communicate with you and to remunerate you.


We guarantee the confidentiality of this data. Laboratories never have direct access to our panel data. This information allows us to know precisely what types of studies you are likely to respond to (small animal study, large animal study, for example).

What interest do I have in participating?

Make your opinion heard by the laboratories.


Be aware of future innovations.


Receive additional compensation every year.

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